Soul Contract & Past Life Clearing Sessions

In a Soul Contract & Past Life Clearing session, we go deep within cell memory & aura layers, to bring to the surface any stored ancestral beliefs, trauma, pain and emotional ties, from your past lives, calling upon your soul energy to identify any past life attachments (issues on a mental, physical, emotional or spiritual level). Also pulling up any soul contracts from your Akashic records (written agreements and karmic relationships between you, other human beings, our creator, your Angels and Spirit Guides) to clear them away. These contracts may include patterns of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual trauma and pain, preventing one to feel deserving and confident of the beautiful life we are all meant to live. With the help of the powerful Angels, Ascended Masters, Light & Galactic Beings, I was gifted this ability to help identify, void and release the energy attached to these past lives & soul contracts, so one is able to awaken to their true life's purpose for this earthly experience, connecting with health, peace, love, joy & happiness.

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​​Energy Cord Removal, Cleanse and Balance

​​​​Everyone & everything is made up of energy. Each of us can attract or attach energy cords from one another.
An energy cord is a negative, invisible, thick, hollow, energy hold, that roots into any person, place or situation from your past or past lives. Some signs of cord attachment may be: being unable to get a person(s) out of your head, continuous negative thoughts, emotions or feelings swirl in your head when you think of this person(s), constantly feeling anxious, exhausted, depressed or sick without a reason, feeling controlled, feelings of doubt, guilt & pressure when you feel deep down you need to move on from this person, or feeling the loss of self. 

Most cords attach to our energy centers (chakras) but can be located anywhere on the body. With any type of relationship or situation that becomes unbalanced, whether between children, parents, friends, spouses, lovers etc, invisible energy cords, although unconsciously, can attach to one another. These cords attach to others' energies so we remain in a negative form of comfort which acts as an emotional hold and control over each other. With the constant negative energy flow through these cords, the will deplete our energy fields & physical body that may manifest into pain, illness or dis-ease, if we don't remove them.This hold also, in turn, keeps all party's from moving forward with any relationships and connecting with their truth and life's purpose. I am able to see & feel where these cords are attached so they may be removed & repaired, with the assistance of the Angels, freeing your energy and allow healing on all levels, for one's best & highest good. 

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​​Cleanse & Remove unwanted Spirits or Negative, stagnant Energy from your Home or any Space
(from a person, home/office or object)​​​​

A Home, Office or Business Energy Cleanse consists of techniques to remove negative, heavy and stagnant energy or spirits, from any space you own or rent. When you sell your home/business, cleansing the space will rid of old energies, emotions or attachments in which you may be holding onto unconsciously. This allows the alignment of the right buyer to energetically connect quickly and smoothly. When you purchase or rent a home/business, choosing an Energy Cleansing before you move in, allows the old energy attachments or spirits who have hung around, be cleared away, as the new fresh, positive energy and protection is brought in. 

On occasion, one might experience a spirit attachment or unwanted energy. This can happen when our energy is depleted or unbalanced, experience a trauma, loss, develop an addictive behavior or pattern, possess a gift of communicating with spirits without knowing it, or spirits can be attracted to our Light, need help or just want to get a message through. 

***Here are some signs of spirit or negative energy attachments are a quick onset of anger & snapping at people that is not normal, drastic change in behavior, the feeling of being watched, seeing shadows, feelings that are not your own, unexplained illnesses & depression, negative voices in your head, onset of drug or alcohol dependencies to drown the voices, a negative outlook on life & feelings of suicide, or frequent, disturbing nightmares. Most of these spirits are earthbound, who have passed but have not crossed over into the Light, due to fear of the unknown, they believe they can help family or friends, or their family or friends are holding onto them by an energy cord. Other spirits are low vibrational, those that have crossed over, but are in a "learning" dimension and work at issues just like they did in life. One of my gifts is to be able to see these spirits (in person or from a distance), find whether there is a connection or not, and with the help of the Angels, I am able to help them cross over, and remove the residual energy that remains behind, around a person or dwelling. This powerful removal & cleansing, allows the place or individual to start feeling lighter, motivated and healthy again.

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Home Energy Cleanse, Blessing & Protection
Angel Energy Works
Center of Light

***When we continue to repress & hang onto negative thoughts and patterns, emotions, collective or generational beliefs, we eventually may manifest pain, illness or dis-ease into our physical reality. Physical pain is a signal that there is stuck energy somewhere in the body, that has been stagnant for a long period of time and is the body's way of crying for help.

When one chooses Energy Re-Balancing, Past Life & Soul Contract Clearing techniques, the body starts to heal naturally from the inside out, breaking through your energy layers one step at a time. The mind starts to relax, reducing tension & stress to promote mental sharpness & focus, which helps reduce or eliminate physical, mental & emotional pain, layer by layer. In order to heal the mind, body & spirit, one has to allow & take part in their own healing, choosing to let go of the past. 

​​***Disclaimer: Must be 18 years of age or older for Readings or Re-balancing Sessions (under 18 years of age must provide written or verbal permission, from a parent or legal guardian, and must be present at time of appointment) For legal reasons, readings are for entertainment and guidance only. All readings and questions answered should at no time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation and judgment. Our services are not a substitute for professional services, therefore we are unable to offer guidance on financial, medical or health related issues including pregnancy and fertility or legal issues including paternity. Angel Energy Works: Center of Light is not accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by the participant. There are no 100% guarantees for any guidance given by our psychics.
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Re-Balance & Cleanse your Energy,

 Cleanse the Energy in your

Home or any Space for

 Rejuvenation of the Mind, Body &Spirit

​to achieve optimum wellness

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​Re-Balance & Rejuvenate your Energy​ using the Universal Divine Healing Rainbow Light Rays and Crystal Therapy

​​I am an Ordained Minister, certified in Reiki & Energy Therapies (a channel for the Divine Healing Energy). I am also a Psychic Intuitive Medium (a sense of unexplained knowing & trusting one's gut feelings, who is able to communicate with the spirit realm by hearing and seeing).

I am also an Empath (one who feels & experiences physical and emotional pain of others).

I am blessed with the gift of being a Divine channel of God's Love & Light, and work closely with the Angels and other High Vibrational beings of Light, to clear stagnant energy from the body and direct in the Universal Healing Rainbow Light Rays, for healing on all levels. These high vibrational energies, are infused into your chakras (our energy centers within the body), aura fields (the energy layers around the body) and our physical body, to cleanse, repair & re-balance the mind, body and spirit to create a balanced flow of positive energy. The intent is always set forth for energy to come through for your best and highest good, and whatever issue needs to be addressed at the time of your session, will be ready to be released.

Since my gifts allow me to tap into energy from anywhere, I am able to perform these healing sessions from a distance, which means, you don't even have to participate unless you prefer to, and you will receive an email with details on issues that were cleansed.

 ***All sessions are offered by phone, Skype or Facebook Video Chat and are just as powerful as in person***

Each colored Light Ray & crystal has a specific job and meaning that will be explained throughout your session. 

Reiki is defined as an ancient Japanese relaxation technique to assist with aligning the energy in & around the body to help bring back balance to the mind, body & spirit by channeling Universal Energy through use of the practitioner's hands. Being Clairvoyant (clear seeing), Clairsentient (clear feeling), Clairaudiant (clear hearing) and Claircognizant (clear knowing), I am able to scan the body, read your Chakras and Aura Layers. This allows me to see & feel any stuck energy, energy tears, leaks or holes, trauma, negative energy cords, pain & emotions using guidance and messages from Source, Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides & Loved Ones.

Once the connection is made, this powerful Divine Energy then stimulates one's self-empowerment, encouraging one to let go of tension, anxiety, fear and other negative feelings & emotions, so a state of balance, peace and well-being is experienced, down to the cellular level. Keep in mind, healing the body is never a quick fix, although these sessions are very powerful and most people notice results right away, and others may take longer. Healing is a process that we must choose to continue to release and remove old negative patterns, to achieve optimum health and wellness. 

~Crystals are used to amplify the healing energy with each personalized session and will be explained at the time of your session.

I am able to connect with these crystals and intuitively know which ones are to be used for your session.

Crystals emit powerful energies and are connected to the earth. Each crystal or stone, contains different healing properties that connect with the energies in & around the body, to assist with cleansing & releasing unwanted, stored energies. 

The question is...Are you ready to take your power back?

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