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I am a Psychic Medium, Empath & Intuitive Reader delivering messages of guidance, love, insight, healing & information about your

past lives, past, present or future. From the Highest Dimensions and Vibrational Realms of Light, I am able to see, hear & feel the connection with your Loved Ones, Archangels, Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Galactic Light Beings, Faeries, Mermaids, Dragons and even your totem animals. I am also able to see, hear & feel earthbound spirits (lower vibrational spirits that choose not to cross over to the Light) that may attach to a person or exist in any type of dwelling, which can deplete one's energy fields. I am then able to identify, clear & help cross these spirits over and clear away unwanted energy, with the help of the Angels. Many have been Divinely guided to me for messages & removal of unwanted spirits or energy from themselves, family, friends, plus their homes & offices,

with amazing results.

*Private Readings & Reading Parties are available.*

I am also an Ordained Minister, Spiritual Mentor for youth & adults, a Certified Energy Therapist, with Certifications in Reiki, Soul Contract & Past Life Healing, Youth Mental Health First Aid, Energy & Chakra Clearing and Re-Balancing. I work in God's (The Divine Creator)

Love & Light, channeling the powerful Universal rainbow healing Light Rays, to clear stuck energy blockages and bring in healing energies, working closely with Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters & Galactic Light Beings. These powerful Beings of Light assist me with tapping into one's energy, generational energy (family heritage), soul energy, past life energy or the energy of a physical place, in person or long distance.

I also work with crystals to amplify the energy in each session. I also have the gift of seeing energy cord attachments so they can be removed from people, places & things from the past, present and even past lives, with the help of the Angels, to help one awaken to who they are. (for further info on cord removal, click on the Energy Clearing category).

When we continue to repress & hang onto negative thoughts, emotions, collective or generational beliefs, stagnant & unwanted energy, we eventually manifest pain, illness or dis-ease into our physical reality. When you choose Energy Clearing & Re-Balancing techniques, the body starts to release unwanted energy to heal naturally from the inside out, breaking through your energy layers one step at a time. The mind starts to relax, reducing tension & stress to promote mental sharpness & focus, which helps reduce or eliminate physical & emotional pain, layer by layer. In order to heal the mind, body & spirit, one has to allow & take part in their own healing, choosing to let go of the past. 

*Private Re-Balancing & Grounding Sessions, Spirit Attachment Removal & Energy Cleansing from a person, place or object are available.* 

I am a teacher of Energy Techniques, Angelic Connections & Mediumship workshops and lead my own Guided Meditation Groups for releasing stress, to achieve balance for the mind, body & spirit. I participate in many Psychic, Mystic & Holistic Fairs delivering messages & healing for anyone who is in need of assistance.

Born under the sign of Scorpio, which is a water sign, I have a strong connection to water. I have lived near water all of my life, which has helped me keep grounded. I always knew I was different growing up. I was very shy and always remember having so many thoughts running through my head when I was around people, it got to the point that I didn't want to be around people. Not realizing I was picking up on other people's thoughts, and not knowing I was Empathic (feeling & absorbing pain & emotions of others), allergies & asthma plagued me, which led to a sick and medicated life. After high school, I earned a BS in Interior Design with 25 years in the kitchen design/sales field. Always showing an interest in design and expressing my creative side, I was Divinely guided to this career, which helped me break free of the shy young women I had become and faced my fear of having to put myself out there. This allowed my inner creativity to shine through as I learned how color inspired & enhanced our everyday moods & emotions. Later to discover, how powerful working with the Universal Rainbow Light Rays of healing are, with the techniques I offer.​ Then in my 30's, tired of feeling bouts of depression, being energetically depleted and searching for something more, my amazing healing journey began. My family and I, moved to Florida in 2005, where I found an herbalist and detoxed using herbs and eating raw foods. Then I was introduced to universal energy, worked with healers, and participated in meditations, which resulted in the release of stagnant energies, and re-balanced my mind, body & spirit, that had been buried since childhood. My holistic choices proved positive with being medication free since 2006 and where my gifts became stronger as I awakened to who I am. 

The power of energy healing helped me tremendously, and a newly formed passion awakened in me, as I was Divinely guided to my life's purpose of helping others re-balance & re-connect the mind, body & spirit to achieve optimum health & happiness. During this time, I discovered that I am an Empath, a Medium and highly intuitive. My goal is to introduce children to these clearing and healing techniques to help them feel empowered and understand their gifts. My son shares these gifts of Empathy and Intuition which has inspired me to help children overcome the issues of growing up "different" and experiencing "imaginary friends". More and more children are born wide open to receive these gifts but, in these times of fear & misconception, are forced to bury them, as I did as a child. It is their time to shine for a better tomorrow.