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Thanks for your help Mo Kennedy Wark! The house feels Divine! (Pun intended!)...This afternoon the soon-to-be tenants stopped for a look. There was so much joy in that house! Laughter, excitement, pride

Carolyn from FL 2020 (Home Cleanse & Protection)

***Really enjoyed your class last night. It’s ironic, one of the cords I cut yesterday was a problem friend and she texted me literally 20 mins after class.. haven’t heard from her in a long time. Another cord I cut was to a man and today I am so incredibly sad I can’t stand myself. And my body hurts too. (some of the symptoms processing out)

Amy from FL 2020 (Negative Energy Cord Removal Event)

***Mo, I am so thankful I was led to attend Thursday night. I received, and continue to receive, benefits from my participation. Look forward to future events! Thank you!

Judy from FL 2020 (Negative Energy Cord Removal Event)

***Got my bracelets from Designs by Mo! I love them and the positive energy they will give me. Thank you Mo!

Jennifer from MA 2020 (Angel infused Bracelet purchase)

***Mo is the absolute best! I have attended many of her meditations and workshops and also had the pleasure of having Mo do a personal clearing and re-balance... all AMAZING! Mo has also helped me with room clearings and removing attachments! Mo is an absolute gem, she is not only talented and knowledgeable, she is a kind and beautiful soul!

Stephanie from FL 2020 (Healing Sessions, Readings and Events)

***Hi Mo, it's Paula from your gallery, at the lovely Eclectic Whimsy, last Saturday night. I feel compelled to let you know how much I loved spending time with you and the rest of the beautiful women attending. I am still processing the incredible gift of my precious RN Mom coming through. Thank you so very much and I hope to come back soon, because I feel a need to bring my sister & niece to see you. Thank again!!!!!! Warmest regards! 

Paula from FL 2019 (Angel Gallery Reading at Eclectic Whimsy)

***Had an amazing time last night, thank you!!!

Kelli from FL 2019 (Angel Reading Gallery at Eclectic Whimsy)

​***Mo is beyond awesome. She has a Light within her that radiates and touches all who know her and meet her. She has been my friend and guide for 4 years and the blessing of her friendship knows no end

Holly from FL 2019 (Energy Re-Balancing Session)

***Hi Mo! I met you last night & wanted to say thank you for my Angel Reading. It truly was a very emotional & humble experience for me! It now has me researching more of my family lineage of Witchery as I am very curious to learn more about that. I also would like to know if the necklace you wore last night (the blue crystal) is for sale? I would love to buy it from you if it is. I am not sure why I didn’t ask you last night about it, but I can not stop thinking about that necklace. If it is not for sale, no problem, I understand. Thank you once again for sharing your gifts with us all last night & I look forward to having another reading done from you in the future. 

Brooke from FL (Angel Message Gallery Eclectic Whimsy) 2019

***Hi Mo! I have to say my session was definitely an amazing experience for sure! I have never been in such a calming and meditative state. You helped me learn to let things go. The first night was alittle uncomfortable. I got in bed and shook so bad, but finally fell asleep 10 minutes later.  I then woke up at 3am and had a physical stomach release which lasted for 5 days felt like it was still releasing. I hold my citrine crystal, that you suggested, and meditate with it. Even fell asleep holding it. I felt like a new person after! Thank you so much for your help!

Stacie from FL (Skype Energy Re-Balance Session) 2019

***Hi Mo, just thought I'd give you an update on my weekend after our session. It was funny you mentioned yawns, coughs, burps, etc. As soon as we got off the phone, I sat up and a huge burp let itself out. On the drive home afterwards, I felt like I had just woke up from a long sleep and had some stomach & liver pangs. My body felt tired all weekend, but I feel great, lighter and my wife says I seem calmer! I hope to have another session soon. Thanks!

Dan from FL (Phone Energy Re-Balance Session) 2019

***Mo is an incredibly gifted and beautiful person. We have been to several of her events and are never disappointed with the messages she brings across. So many in our family have been healed and received much needed messages and direction. So thankful she is using her God-given gift to help so many.

Trish from FL (Private Reading Party) 2019

***Can not say enough great things about MO! She's Compassionate, Genuine and Amazing!

Amber from FL (Energy Re-Balance Session) 2019

***Thank you for an absolutely incredible night. We are in awe of your gifts. You’re such an incredible person I am so blessed to know you!

Trish from FL (Reading Gallery) 2019

***I had my friends house cleansed .. Her two kids were afraid to go to the bathroom alone.. couldn't sleep through the night.. So I called Mo Kennedy Wark.. What she saw and did was amazing... She saw an old man clinging to bathroom door.. so she helped him cross.. then cleared the house .. Kids have slept peacefully for 3 months now.. Thank you from Massachusetts

Julie from MA (Remote Home Cleanse & Protection by phone)  2019

​***My daughter became afraid of her room suddenly. After trying to figure out why, I determined that I also could feel a heaviness to her room. I contacted Mo, and like always, Mo was able to come to our rescue. She confirmed that we did have a not-so-friendly, unwanted visitor, she brought in protection and got started. My daughter and I could sense that "things" were just being handled. Mo cleansed my daughter's room and cleansed her energy field. Mo then checked the rest of our house and then cleansed and protected our home. Mo was able to involve both me and my daughter in this process and it was amazing. I watched my daughter go from petrified to smiling and once again loving her room. She started out seeing scary things in her room and under her bed to feeling and seeing beautiful fairies dancing and decorating her room with flowers and sunshine. Thank you Mo, your gifts and talents truly amaze me.

Stephanie from FL (Home Cleanse & Protection by phone) 2019

***Last night was a night that I needed for a while, I got to talk with a person who connects to the spiritual world. I got the closure that I needed. This past year since 2017 has been the hardest years of my life. I’ve been through the hardest ups and downs and lost very important people in my life to heaven. I got to connect with them last night and got the closure that I needed. The other night I posted that I wish I could have my Pepe’s advice and I got exactly that last night which I am so thankful for💛 Mo is amazing and i 100% recommend anyone who needs healing contact her.

Kenzie from MA (Remote Private Reading by Skype) 2019

***Thank you Angel Energy Works: Center of Light for the amazing meditation tonight! I feel so refreshed and full of light! I'm so thankful for you & the work you do!

~Hannah from FL (Energy Clearing Workshop) 2018

***About a week ago, my Aunt & Uncle moved into the apartment space of my new home. After they moved everything in, including a family member's urn, I started feeling very sick. I was dry heaving, crying for no reason, had violent nightmares and bad headaches. I hadn't been able to sleep at night and my cats were violent towards each other (which never happens!). So I finally reached out to Mo for a Spirit & Home Cleansing. I tried to explain by phone what had been happening, but about 10 calls kept being dropped, no matter who's phone I used, so we knew something was in the house. I could only reach her by texting, even texting became an issue. As she began clearing, she saw an old brass urn, with a male that looked like an evil Magician from the 1800's. He did everything he could to block Mo from clearing him out of the house! But, she was able to remove him and cleanse the rest of the home and all possessions in it. That night I was able to sleep a peaceful 8 hours straight with no nightmares, my cats went back to normal and so did I with no more previous episodes. My Uncle is now able to breathe so much better and can sleep through the night! Thank you Mo for helping us all!!!

~Julie from MA (Remote Home & Spirit Cleanse) 2018


~Andrea from IL (Groups & Events) 2018

​***I cannot say enough great things about Mo, she is warm, kind, welcoming, makes you fee like you've known her forever. Truly gifted and what a blessing it is she has decided to share her gifts with the world. Thank you for all you do, you are making a difference in the hearts of all around you!​​

~Chawna from FL (Groups, Events and Readings) 2018

***I feel amazing. Focused, efficient at work, slept like a baby, empowered. You are incredible, Mo!

~Teresa from FL (Aura Cleanse Meditation) 2018

***I slept so soundly last night and woke up rested first time all week. Thank you for all your guidance and love.

~Jamie from FL (Crystal Meditation w/Messages) 2018

***It has been close to 3 years since I met Mo. What began out of curiosity has been the most incredible Journey. She was chosen to help me re awaken that which had been buried for so many years under so much "trauma and not so good Choices" In the not too distant future I will be leaving to go home to the mountains and forests...Thankfully, I can return for visits. Mo, you are such an incredible woman and words will never be enough to say Thank You..only following my Destiny and completing/returning to that which I was created for will let you know. Love you, my sweet sister

~Holly from FL (Energy Re-Balancing, Energy Cord Removal and Past Life Clearings) 2018

***Last night I had the wonderful privilege of meeting Mo. Mo is Amazing, she is so warm and inviting the second you meet her. A truly gifted woman who graciously shares her God given gifts! I can not wait until my next visit, I feel that with Mo, I have found a dear friend for life! Thank you Mo for sharing your wonderful gifts with others, I learned so much last night and can not wait to keep learning from you!  Love and hugs to you Mo! Thank you for everything last night, I feel so different

(in a great way) today! I also feel so Blessed to have been guided into your life! I can not wait to meet with you again!!

~Stephanie from FL (How to connect w/Angel & Guides) 2018

***I’d say for a long time I searched for Mo without really knowing it. Finally, I was expericing a wave of all kinds of vibrations, including ones that were almost unbearable, and I knew at that point, I needed a little guidance outside of my own. I found Mo. And boy, am I forever grateful. She helped me tap into things I really needed to look at that needed to be shed/personal conditioning/dynamic type things. She walked me through an incredible chakra balancing, along with cord cutting, with the aid of Archangel Michael, Raphael, St. Germain and other high vibrational forces that help to clean up things that no longer served me. This was honestly the first experience I can truly note that I felt a MAJOR energetic difference, right after the session, and the next day: I experienced a lighter feeling, more energy, more creativity, a new feeling of being in my own body (as I was very ungrounded and often worrisome), and I could actually denote during the session (not always important but I was personally curious) as to who some of the cords were with, and I could feel a shift in the relations of those I knew I had had attachments too. I’m still sitting here AMAZED at the fact that I just feel so different. So healthy. More independent. More in my heart and more trust overall-in self and God. I’ve tried so many things.

Mo is truly gifted in her ability to tap into spirit and connect with the Source. She’s got this ability to guide you to what you need to know for yourself. She is gentle and direct. Truly kind and reassuring. If you’re at a loss in life, not sure why you’re experiencing the things you are, like overwhelming emotions, feelings of stagnancy, or just out of balance overall and you’re not sure why, or how to fix it- Mo can help point you in the next best direction as to what needs some love. Forever grateful. Namaste!

~Emma from FL (Energy Rebalance by facebook video chat) 2018

***Thank you Mo, we can’t wait until the next time. It was very enlightening!

~Monica from FL (Angel Message Gallery at Strawberry Moon) 2018

***Thank you so much Mo...I am still blown away from yesterday.

​~Michaela from FL (Angel Message Gallery at Strawberry Moon) 2018

***Mo has such a Great gift , love how she helps people in so many ways ... a wonderful spirit to be around....Thank you for all you do everyday.

~Teresa from FL (Angel Message Galleries, owner at Strawberry Moon) 2018

***I attended a meditation last night led by Mo. Her meditation was wonderful, and I felt a release of emotional stuff. It stormed during the meditation, and we were gifted by a beautiful rainbow at the end of the session. If you have not been to a class or meditation, I highly recommend it!

~Ginger from FL (Meditation groups) 2018

***I have attended, along with several of my friends, numerous events hosted by this lovely angel herself. She is the real deal and certainly fosters our souls to awareness and the discovery that brings us freedom.....on this plane we share!

~Dianne from FL (Angel reading parties and workshops) 2018

***Mo is a genuine heart filled Practitioner. She provides a safe nurturing divine guidance you can trust that guides your path. She is great to work with!

~Molly from NC (Long distance Energy phone sessions) 2018

***Hi Mo!  I would like to schedule a 1 hour Angel Reading with you by phone.       
PS - I met you recently at a gallery reading at Strawberry Moon.  My friend Jocelyn and I drove to Northport from Tampa as Teresa is one of her clients.  We had such an amazing time! 

~Stacie from FL (Angel Message Gallery at Strawberry Moon) 2018

***Thank you today for my amazing reading! I am so blessed to know you!

~Lea from IL (Long distance Reading) 2017

***The time we spend together is never enough. You are always uplifting and inspiring. You encourage me to move forward and embrace my abilities. I have learned so much from you in the short time we have known each other; you have taught me how to cut cords, read auras and taken me on the most beautiful journeys through mediation. Most of all you have taught me how to embrace and accept the gifts I have and discover and develop the gifts I didn't know I had. You are one of a kind, genuine, funny, encouraging and as Jenn would says, you are just super cool. I love you with all my heart and look forward to knowing and learning from you for many years to come. Thanks for being you, my teacher, my friend.

~Lisa from FL (Workshops & groups) 2017

***Thank you, I feel so much more at peace now!

~Tammy from FL (Energy re-balancing) 2017

***I wanted to thank you again, I feel completely re-energized! Normally, I have a really difficult time waking up in the morning and I popped right out of bed this morning when my alarm went off!

~Kayla from FL (Meditation w/Angel Messages) 2017

***I've taken this class (Are You an Empath) with Mo. It was an amazing experience! It helped me understand the reasons why I feel unbalance around some people & places and how to change it and embrace my beautiful gift. Thanks Mo. you're a great teacher!

~Luz from FL (Empath Workshop) 2017

***I met Mo at a Meditation with Angel Messages At North Port Yoga in October 2015. It was curiosity that led me there...or so I thought...As was the case I was led to Mo to begin a healing and transformative journey. I knew her from another lifetime where she was my teacher. She is not only my teacher but a dear friend and mentor. Each session I have had with her has been incredible each leading me forward. Today was by far the most incredible, beautiful words cannot describe. I found truth in what I often wondered about my gifts and origins. Found out that someone in a recurring dream is in fact my Guardian Angel. Had you told me two years ago what I would be experiencing now I probably would have thought you crazy. We learn by following our intuition. I am becoming the woman and creature I am meant to be because I listened. Thank you my dear friend, sister by choice, Angel Girl and Mentor. Jolly Holly

~Hollis from FL (Energy Re-balance Session, Mentoring & Meditation Groups) 2017

***Mo, you are a great lady with a wonderful gift that you are willing to share in such an unselfish way to help others. I am feeling 100% better.  Thank you for bring available on such short notice.  Right now I am feeling that the worst is behind me.

~Wendy from Canada (Home & Energy Cleanse combo & Readings) 2017

***Thank you so much for your gentle, kind reading. I really appreciate all of the information that you and the Angels gave me. I plan to follow their guidance. 😀
I know that we all felt warm and fuzzy after our readings and the reason is YOU!

~Martha from FL (Reading Party) 2017

***Thank you for relieving my back longer!

~Barb from FL  (Energy Re-Balancing Session) 2017

***I am feeling very well, thanks Mo. The Energy Re-Balance session was very good for me and I continued cord cutting days after. The eclipse, mercury in retrograde and all the other havoc-ridden astrological stuff going on right now is actually a good time for me also. It's like I am on a mission, creatively and have been getting things done like crazy. I am so thankful for my session with you, it opened me up a great deal.

~Deborah from FL (Energy Re-Balancing Session) 2017

***That workshop last night seems to have cleared a lot of blockages. I have this new spirit and voice today that is not afraid to speak up. It might only last today but it feels damned good! Thanks!

~Deborah from FL (Energy Cord Removal Workshop) 2017


***Hay Mo, I want to share with you what happened after I attended your class on removing energy cords. The day before the class I slept 10 hours yet felt physically and emotionally drained. After experiencing the removal of energy chords I only slept 7 hours and woke up feeling full of energy. Rode my bike to the gym, did a 30 minute boot camp class , an hour and a half of weightlifting and core exercises then went on a 1 hour 15 mile bike ride and still had energy to spare. Didn't take a nap and felt full of peace love and joy and more receptive and open to love. Thank you for facilitating this amazing experience and transformation.

~Richard from FL (Energy Cord Removal Workshop) 2017

***Thank you so much for clearing my energy! My heart is more open to give & receive love. I feel more joy, energy, lighter & more relaxed. You are amazingly intuitive.

~Richard from FL (Energy Re-Balancing session) 2017

***Mo miracles happen! Thank you so much. My son-in-law, daughter & grandkids are staying in Florida. Thanks to your Inner Child workshop, session, God, Guides & Angels the energy has shifted!

~Elizabeth from FL (Inner Child Workshop & Meditation Groups) 2016

***I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Mo a couple of months ago when I was guided to go to one of the wonderful meditations she hosts. From that moment on my life has been changing for the better. She has beautiful gifts of divine communication, healing, and more. She's a very sweet, trustworthy and knowledgeable person.
To this day I have gone to more than four group meditations and everyone of them is a new healing and enlightening experience.
I had also gone to 3 individual rebalancing sessions & a Past Life clearing. Every session has help me discover something new about my previous lives, my present life and more. After these sessions I had overcome some fears, heal relationships, balance my chakras, started the process of awakening spiritual gifts, connect more with the spiritual source. Thank you Mrs. Mo you're a blessing.

~Luz from FL (Energy Re-Balancing, Past Life Clearing & Meditation Groups) 2016

***Went to a reading party and had a message from Mo that the Angels would be sending me a confirmation using feathers, and I thought, well that's random, when would I see feathers?  Omg!!!!! Guess what the kids at school had...Feathers!! Everywhere !!! One of the history fair projects our students had been working on was plastered with feathers! The student brought them to school and was sharing them with her classmates. Some of the students HAD FEATHERS IN THEIR HAIR! [❤] [❤] [❤] [❤] [❤] [❤] 

~Kerry from FL (Reading Party) 2016

***Went to see MO following a knee surgery. My pain seemed to be getting worse, headaches, stomach distress. Felt completely off balance. One session with Mo and two days later I felt like a million bucks . Knee pain was gone, nausea gone. She did an amazing clearing. Highly recommend her services.

~Kim from FL (Energy Re-balancing session) 2016

***Mo (In Florida) did an Angel Reading for my sister and me (in Massachusetts) via speakerphone. It was an incredible experience. I didn't expect it to be life changing but it was. It was the best therapy session I ever had!​

~Melanie from MA (Long distance Reading) 2016

***Had a reading with her brought back a love whom passed on a motorcycle ...she's great!

~Lois from FL (Reading) 2016

​***"I attended The Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Body workshop to work on things I know was "weighing me down" ad causing physical ailments. I approached the workshop with an open mind knowing the gifts that Mo brings to the class. It was a peaceful learning and healing experience. It was nice to be surrounded by people who had the same struggles. Over the two days after the class I felt a lift in my spirit and a change physically.  I felt I was not carrying some of the burdens that were weighing me down. It was truly a healing experience and I would recommend it to anyone needing a little guidance and healing."

Deanna A. from FL ("How to Connect w/your Angels" workshop) 2016

***I took Mo's "How to Connect with your Angels" workshop at North Port Yoga Center & I have to say is was the best meditation I ever experienced. I also highly recommend her energy balancing sessions, I left feeling like a million bucks!

~Danielle from FL ("How to Connect w/your Angels workshop" & Re-balancing session) 2016

***Before taking the "How to Connect w/your Angels" event, I was feeling irritable for months (anxiety related). After the workshop I'm not feeling irritable at all that next morning, and my load is every bit as challenging. The clearing helped me alot. Thank you so much!!

~Kerry from FL ("How to Connect w/your Angels workshop) 2016

***Mo is amazing.. I live in Massachusetts she recently did a rebalancing session with me over the phone..She is amazing her readings are always spot on.. I'm thankful to have such a positive light in my life..She has helped me threw some very tough times. After a session with her I feel lighter and more in tune with my self..

~Julie from MA (Long distance Energy Re-Balance) 2016

***Mo is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! She has a gift that can change lives! She has helped us tremendously and we highly recommend her!

~Melanee from FL (Long distance Home cleansing) 2016

***Mo has a clear sense of who you are and how the Universe can help you heal. She is that unique combination of strength and tenderness, a healing presence. She was wonderfully helpful in helping me release past attachments.

~Denise C from FL (Energy Cord removal) 2016

***When I scheduled my re-balancing Session with Mo, I knew that my life (my "self") was out of balance.  I also felt positive that some good would come from the session, because I had attended one of her meditation and angel reading group sessions which was a great experience.  However, I was not prepared to release so many bonds and experience so much in such a short time.
The session moved slowly and methodically.  Mo was attuned to my body, and took the time I needed before moving on, being very positive and non-invasive while encouraging me to look deeply.  I was very aware of how I was thinking as well as feeling, and realizations about the meanings of our work continue to come to me days later!  Although I have been quite unhappy for over a year, I feel confident that she can help me find the balance I need to make choices that will help me better my life.  
Also,I was surprised by some of the images or buried feelings that came up.  I honestly didn't think I had any type of bond to them, but was able to release them at that time.  It feels strange to say, but I actually felt an exchange of energy between myself and my higher power - almost as if we were playing, fingertip to fingertip!  I know, it sounds made up, but it was very real to me.
It truly was a remarkable experience, and I look forward to our next session, because I now have hope that I can find the strength to deal with my life.

~Peggy from FL (Energy Re-Balancing) 2015

***Not only was the Chakra and Aura workshop informative, it was very interesting.
Mo's calming voice, as she led us through the Chakra Meditation, flowed throughout the room as easily as the energy that we were working with. 
I had to smile when she said "remember to breathe". I was so focused on feeling the energy moving within my body and visualizing the colors, I had indeed stopped breathing. (My breathing resumed quickly after her reminder) 
Mo has proven herself to be a skilled teacher as well as a wonderful healer. I look forward with enthusiasm to whatever workshop she offers next. Blessings, Rose​
~Rose from FL (Chakra & Aura Workshop) 2015

***Mo, I really enjoyed both the meditation and the chakra balancing class. I really like the guided journey style of meditating because I  am new to meditation and I have a hard time quieting my brain. I learned a lot about symbolism and everything you told me after the meditation was a representation of the feelings I have been going through lately. I was amazed at how on target it was. 
I really learned a lot at the chakra class about how to have control and focus on the details of what I am seeing and feeling. I think it made me more prepared for my next meditation class. I have felt more focused and a sense of calm. 

~Tammy from FL (Meditation group & Chakra/Aura Workshop) 2015

***Mo, thank you so much for spending time with Taylor and I and allowing us the opportunity to experience your incredible gift. Our time with you was incredibly healing and uplifting. For those of you visiting this page I would highly recommend a session with Mo. We will continue regular Mother/Daughter sessions by phone with Mo as a gift to ourselves. It was a purely positive and up-lifting experience. Looking forward to our next reading! 

~Melissa from MA (Long distance Reading) 2015

***I'd like to thank Mo Kennedy Wark of energy works for helping me.. I was being pulled in a negative way to my mother.. after speaking with Mo on the phone.. we did it by phone because I live in Ma.. she then guided me threw the process of cutting the energetic cord that was attached to me.. I felt an immediate sense of calm come over me like the weight of the world had been lifted off of me.. thank you Mo for all you guidance

​~Trisha from MA (Long distance Re-Balancing session w/cord removal) 2015

***I had an amazing card reading by Mo on Saturday at the Center of Light. She knew what to do when an attachment was not for my highest good. She is a wonderful intuitive, healer and friend. I recommend you get a reading and healing session from her. She is radiant "light!"

~Denise D. from FL (Reading) 2015

***I want to thank Mo for the most insightful reading. I've really been in a funk lately and she helped me put things back in perspective. Will be calling in for my next one since I now live in PA. Such a good feeling I can stay in touch with her so far away. Thanks Mo your the best!!!
~Johna from PA (Long distance Reading) 2015

​***Mo has shown me her gifts and talents of intuition and energy clearing several times now. Her ability to tune in across the miles is amazing - and I always feel happier, lighter, and clearer after talking with her. I highly recommend a session with her - you won't be disappointed!
~Julia from ME (Long distance Energy Re-Balancing) 2015

***Mo nailed it while she and others were doing Reiki on me this past weekend at the park. She was so "spot" on it took me totally by surprise.
You won't be disappointed if you book a reading with her! Jai Mo!!

~Denise D. from FL (Reading) 2015