~Connects w/intuition

~Calms anxiety

~All purpose healing

~with blue beads promoting peace within

Selenite w/orange wrap $20.00

~Selenite is a channel for positive energy

~Orange represents creativity and vibrance​

Purple & White Agate

~Promotes Clarity & Harmony

~Grounds energy to promote clarity to connect w/higher self ~with Unicorn charm of healing

Ocean Jasper w/silver wrap $30.00

~Calms & Grounds energy

~Releases worry

~Silver strengthens our feminine side

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Brown Jasper w/copper wrap $25.00

~Brown Jasper is very grounding to promote clarity

~Copper is a great conductor of positive energy

Angel Infused Crystal Pendants

Angel Infused Selenite Wands

Used for clearing unwanted energy

only 2 left!

Peacock Ore w/pink wrap $30.00

~Promotes happiness & joy

~Infuses our energy fields with positive energy

​~Pink represents unconditional love

Flourite w/purple & silver wrap $30.00

~Promotes peace & harmony

~Purple connects w/higher self

~Silver strengthens our feminine side


Brown Agate w/copper wrap $20.00

~Brown Agate helps ground us and

connects us with nature

~Copper is a great conductor of positive energy​

Selenite w/blue wrap $20.00

~Selenite is a channel for positive energy

~Blue represents our truth and promotes peace

 All Crystal Wands, Pendants & Bracelets are infused with Angel  Healing Energy and created with Love.

Each crystal has a healing benefit. When you choose an item, the energy is just what you need for your energy!


Angel Infused Crystal Bracelets

Wear on left wrist to receive the energy of the crystal

Creative Spark Wand $25.00

~7"  Raw Selenite Healing Wand

with Carnelian

~Selenite clears energy

~Carnelian awakens us to who we are, connecting to creativity

Angel Energy Works
Center of Light

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Power Up Wand $35.00

~10"  Raw Selenite Healing Wand

with Amethyst

~Selenite clears energy

~Amethyst Connects w/intuition

Dragon's Blood Jasper

~Promotes Strength & Courage

~Infuses vitality & Joy

~with Hematite Stones for grounding

Green Agate

~Grounds energy and connects with the heart emotions

~attracts abundance

~with Angel charm

Angel Infused Healing

Wands, Pendants & Bracelets

Sodalite w/silver wrap $30.00

~Promotes calm within

~Connects w/purpose

~Silver strengthens our feminine side​​

Amber w/copper wrap $25.00

~Amber relieves stress, promoting positive perspecitves

~Copper is a great conductor of positive energy

Pink Agate

~Warms the heart

~Infuses unconditional love

~with Elephant charm of wisdom

Rainbow Aura Beads

~Fills the Aura layers with Love and Light

~Grounds energy 

~with Hummingbird charm of joy

Angel Infused Crystal Pendants

Wear around neck, use as a key chain or hang in your car or any room

When you choose a pendant, your energy is calling for that

healing frequency... 

Dragon's Blood & Aventurine

~Promotes Strength & Courage

~Infuses vitality & Joy

~Aventurine infuses joy & healing to heart emotions