~Connects w/intuition

~Calms anxiety

~All purpose healing

~with blue beads promoting peace within

Selenite w/orange wrap $20.00

~Selenite is a channel for positive energy

~Orange represents creativity and vibrance​

Purple & White Agate

~Promotes Clarity & Harmony

~Grounds energy to promote clarity to connect w/higher self ~with Unicorn charm of healing

Ocean Jasper w/silver wrap $30.00

~Calms & Grounds energy

~Releases worry

~Silver strengthens our feminine side

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Brown Jasper w/copper wrap $25.00

~Brown Jasper is very grounding to promote clarity

~Copper is a great conductor of positive energy

Angel Infused Crystal Pendants

Angel Infused Selenite Wands

Used for clearing unwanted energy

only 2 left!

Angel Infused Crystal Bracelets

Wear on left wrist to receive the energy of the crystal


Brown Agate w/copper wrap $20.00

~Brown Agate helps ground us and

connects us with nature

~Copper is a great conductor of positive energy​


Green Agate

~Grounds energy and connects with the heart emotions

~attracts abundance

~with Angel charm

Pink Agate

~Warms the heart

~Infuses unconditional love

~with Elephant charm of wisdom

Angel Infused Crystal Pendants

Wear around neck, use as a key chain or hang in your car or any room

When you choose a pendant, your energy is calling for that

healing frequency... 

Amber w/copper wrap $25.00

~Amber relieves stress, promoting positive perspecitves

~Copper is a great conductor of positive energy

Flourite w/purple & silver wrap $30.00

~Promotes peace & harmony

~Purple connects w/higher self

~Silver strengthens our feminine side

Creative Spark Wand $25.00

~7"  Raw Selenite Healing Wand

with Carnelian

~Selenite clears energy

~Carnelian awakens us to who we are, connecting to creativity

Angel Energy Works
Center of Light

Angel Infused Healing

Wands, Pendants & Bracelets

 All Crystal Wands, Pendants & Bracelets are infused with Angel  Healing Energy and created with Love.

Each crystal has a healing benefit. When you choose an item, the energy is just what you need for your energy!

Rainbow Aura Beads

~Fills the Aura layers with Love and Light

~Grounds energy 

~with Hummingbird charm of joy

Dragon's Blood Jasper

~Promotes Strength & Courage

~Infuses vitality & Joy

~with Hematite Stones for grounding

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Selenite w/blue wrap $20.00

~Selenite is a channel for positive energy

~Blue represents our truth and promotes peace

Power Up Wand $35.00

~10"  Raw Selenite Healing Wand

with Amethyst

~Selenite clears energy

~Amethyst Connects w/intuition

Peacock Ore w/pink wrap $30.00

~Promotes happiness & joy

~Infuses our energy fields with positive energy

​~Pink represents unconditional love

Sodalite w/silver wrap $30.00

~Promotes calm within

~Connects w/purpose

~Silver strengthens our feminine side​​

Dragon's Blood & Aventurine

~Promotes Strength & Courage

~Infuses vitality & Joy

~Aventurine infuses joy & healing to heart emotions